After long discussions about teaching, learning and life: Jeff Hoffart and Tosca Killoran decided that they held the same vision, passion and dedication for wanting to make a change in and to the world. They decided that to truly make changes they would need a broader audience than the children within their classrooms.

About us

Tosca Killoran has been teaching in the IB international community in Asia and Europe for 13 years. As a doctoral student at Bath University, Tosca was inspired by the design studio Hyperakt and their campaign to rebrand teachers. Tosca formulated the  idea of not only rebranding teachers, but the entire system of education. This site acts as a research platform to examine new educative paradigms around the globe. 

In collaboration with her colleague and business partner Jeff Hoffart, she has co-founded ED-ucation Publishing, a company for administrators, teachers, students and parents to have access to books and resources. She is one of the organizers for TEDxYouth@BIS and works with TEDx as well as other organizations across the globe in order to create opportunities for students to share their dreams with the world.

After six years of IB International teaching experience, Jeff Hoffart has found a passion in the facilitation of students taking action. This passion has allowed Jeff to support grade five students to take sustainable action and share this actions using TEDx as a global platform. Jeff is working to spread this idea throughout classrooms across the globe through the creation of an action phase document, accompanied by a published children’s book. In partnership with Tosca Killoran, Jeff plans to share the ideas in the book “A is for Action“ to help, encourage and promote sustainable action at a young age in order to help make a positive change in the world.